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Are Blogs Obsolete?

I was having a discussion about the current state of digital marketing with Chris, the CEO of Morsl Cookies. Nice guy. Anyway, the idea of blogging came up, and I have to admit, neither of us were too keen on blogging. However, this may be a bit of why neither of us are getting the search results and site hits that we want. So we looked into it a bit more, and discovered a lot.

For example, did you know that most search engines index your blog for keywords, which in turn strengthens your position in search results? That right there is enough to make one think seriously about putting their own blog on their website. It's also probably the biggest reason why both Chris and I aren't getting the results from searches that we would like.

Not only that, but sharing our expertise with the world helps establish us as, well, experts. That brings brand trust, or personal trust from some, and helps us to acquire clients that know we can solve their problems.

And finally, blogging helps us to use our voice and establish our position on any subject. In contrast to social media, one can write a lot more on a blog. It's not just due to the limited nature of some social media platforms (although platforms like Twitter now allow longer form content), but also due to the concept of tl;dr that seems to be prevalent among those platforms. The viewers there seem to be searching for entertainment, not information.

Blogs are different from social media platforms in that they don't have the same restrictions and attitudes. They can be written as long as need be, and the people who wish to read the content will gladly read it. Comments on blogs can be interesting, too. It's a great place to answer questions about products, articles, opinions, strategies, concerns, etc.

An extra bonus is that we can include photos, videos, sound clips, links to other sites and blogs, and even sales items on our blogs.

Because of our discussion and research, both of us have decided to work on our own blogs, or at least do something to establish one. It's a great idea that we both can use to capture a larger audience. And so we begin.


This blog post is a requirement for a college course and is a work of fiction. I hope you still enjoyed it, though.

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